Effect Sends

I just realised there are only 5 effects in the second effect send - no delay, is there a way to add another delay? I’d love to use two.

Yes… With the app you can move them around.

I don’t think that you can, the delay is only available on FX1, even on the configurator. @UnhappyDesign maybe you could get a similar effect with reverb and the LFO on FX2 set to volume.

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I looked at the app and couldn’t see a way to move them. It would be cool to have two delays set to different time signatures.If anyone knows a way round it that would be great.

In the meantime. I’ll try CMKCs suggestion with the LFO, thanks for the tip.

I just noticed this last night and was a bit surprised! I wonder why this is.

I had something worked up into an older opz that gave me two fx per part, as well as the two master fx sends, and two fx for the Master track.

I had also two otherr delay, two other reverbs, a flanger.

I think imust’ve written programming while all dazed up on goofball or something

That reverb as delay using an LFO does work. Have used it before.

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