Effects on mixer

In the mixer you can´t activate and deactivate the effects. All the rests can be deactivated, tape, master note transposition… Is it possible to implement the same for effects?


Hello! Yes, you’re able to mute FX1 and FX2 using audio mute. Just hold the mixer button, press shift, and select FX1 and/or FX2. The LED for the track should turn red, muting them.

There are two kinds of mute and they both work a little differently:

The regular mute (when you press a track and it turns the track’s LED off) will disable all notes & outgoing MIDI from that track. So it’s probably working but since you’re not using notes on FX1/FX2 it’s not making any difference.

The audio mute (when you press shift then a track and it turns the track’s LED red) will disable audio from that specific track, but will still send out MIDI and you’ll still be able to hear that track through FX1/FX2 if it’s routed through there.

Hope that helps!


Amazing, didn´t know about that shift function in mixer mode! Thanks!

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Also, it works with mute groups too, so different mute groups can include audio or be midi only without having to change patterns.


oohh I didn’t realize that, this may come in handy…

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