Elastic Drums?

Looks kinda cool. And latest version can export to ableton sesh.

Who says I should buy it?

Interested to hear anything you wanna say.

Best drum synth on the App Store by a long way in my opinion, synthesis, samples, every channel has different length and speed, randomisation, fx with automation, perfect loop export, easy song arranger and live performance tweaking.
You can get amazing sounds out of it, industrial soundscapes, funky tekno, face scraping breakcore and delicate splintered particles of rhythm.

Had an update recently with sample importing and Ableton export so it has been nurtured and loved by the developer…

More than worth the price, use it as sample fodder or construct steaming bangers on the go, it’s the tool!

Thanks mate!

It caught my eye. The other app I love is samplr. If you’ve not tried it. Then consider this my repayment for your reccomendation :slight_smile:

Hah! Yeah I’ve seen Samplr but not tried it, I know it’s popular round these here parts!
I will definitely try it when I have some dosh, thanks!

By the way I was having fun for months with ED just randomising everything and twisting the odd bit into real fractured grooves, you need high quality control since it spits out some real gems but everything sounds good usually!

Thanks mate.