Electribe 2 petition.

Incase anyone’s interested.
Changes for Korg to think about, ran by user base on Korg forums .

Did they get anything right on it?

It´s really weird that a company which is reinventing itself like Korg, with amazing and solid products as the Volca line and the praised Minilogue released those terrible, bugged and ugly new Electribes, throwing in the trash the legacy of the ´tribes. Maybe a department problem, with different teams working in those projects?

The New electribes were so close to being great. I just don’t understand why the products stop just short of the mark of being great. I got the non sampler version and its very capable but the build quality, mainly the pads, are a head scratching let down. I would have gladly payed a little bit more for the software and hardware to have been a little bit more polished.

As it goes the circuit is beating it on many fronts, although there is many things it cannot do that the es can.

Still a big gap left in the sampler market between the octatrack and volca sampler. I was hoping the Roland sampler rumours would have been true. It’s the sort of product I’m waiting on.

Couldn’t agree with you guys more.Brilliant products- but this?
Circuit totally stole the limelight.
KaossTribe seemed a no brainer, but no.
Sign petition if you get the chance. I don’t use E2 so can’t say about feature request ,but thought and discussion certainly went in. It’d be nice to engage user base and multinational. It’s good feedback.

Just saw they released an update. Been kinda interested in grabbing the esx2 just for beats. Heard bad reviews on UI + Memory + Loading time tho. Such a weak update in specs over the old electribe considering the time between them.

I had the sampler version a while back an it was pretty painful to use your own samples. Limited sample time and having to manually import each sample was a real drag. I have the synth version now, which I like a ton better, but for beats, I think you can do better.

There is an Elektron Machinedrum on Reverb right now for $575.

I don’t have any korg machine anymore but i signed the petition. Maybe it helps.