electribe sync to OP-1 tutorial video No midi required!

I made a quick video demo of how to cheaply sync an electribe, Volca or Monotribe to the OP-1, you can then of course sync Midi gear too by connecting to the electribe or midi equipped Monotribe. Hope you find it useful :slight_smile:

How to sync without midi Korg

Genius! Now why didn’t I think of that…

This is so good!
I’ve done this with other gear, can’t believe it past my mind!
Great way to sync a modular synth too!

This is cool, thanks. Although I need some hand holding as I am not sure what the sync pulse is. Pardon my crapness, but what do you mean by make a pattern of 8th notes?

A sync pulse is a very short loud audio click, you could sample a clap or click or hit something, shorten it till it’s just a super quick click and boost the level till it clips, then in the endless input one note set it to 8 in the timing you should have it all good to go!

I just recorded the sync pulse out of the electribe into the OP1 drum sampler, trimmed it down to just 1 pulse then in pattern seq just put the pulse on 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 works like a charm!

Love it! Off handed question @darenager, what do you use for your labels on the electribe?

I just made the label using abacom frontdesigner3 then printed it out. I’ll upload to my dropbox in the next few days.

@darenager Awesome tutorial! I have a few questions as I have never synced 2 synths before. I’m using a volca bass to an op1. How do you actually RECORD a synth pulse? Also, how does this sync them together? For instance, I plug the stereo end of the cable into the op1, then 1 mono cable into the sync in of the korg volca. Then I record in the drum sampler a tone from the volca? Then trim that tone down to a tiny click sound? Then input that into the endless seq into 8th notes? So at this point both synths are synced? If I record to tape from the volca it will sync with anything on the op-1? I Haven’t tried any of this but just want to make sure I understand how this works, thanks!

Ok, first connect the sync out from the Volca into the OP1 line input, sample into drum sampler, then trim the Volca sync down to just 1 pulse onto any key in the drum sampler, then make sure the level is high for that key using shift and red, and set the key to play oneshot (->|). Then in finger sequencer make a pattern of just the sync key as 8 pulses like this 0-0-0-0-0-0-0- then goto tape, on an empty trackset level so that it is peaking just below red on the LED meter, record the pattern for as long as you want, I do 4 bars, then copy it as many times as required using lift/drop.

Now in the mixer pan the track with the sync pattern all the way to left or right, then and this is important make sure that all the other tracks are panned to the opposite side, make sure the level of your sync track is at max in mixer, then use a stereo to 2x mono splitter lead or cable, connect the sync track to the Volca sync in, connect the other tracks side to your mixer/speakers.

Now you can record perfectly synced Volca onto one of the other tracks if you want by connecting the output of the Volca to the OP1 line in socket.