Is anyone else more than a little concerned about the insane price hike of electricity bills the UK? Is anyone thinking of changing their workflow, or just trying to work more efficently to keep power consumption to the bare minimum?

I am not from the Uk, but my power bills have doubled over he last year, so we have started researching solar options. My house gets enough sun on average to produce around 13,000kwh annually, which would pretty much offset the cost completely.

Also in Ben Jordan mentioned in his a video, the Commonly Googled Producer Questions, that all his studio gear running draws about a half space-heaters worth of power, so it may be a negligible component of your power usage


yea def your gear isn’t consuming much energy at all in the grand scheme of things

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Thanks for the Benn video tip (gonna watch later once the queen has died).
Personally, it’s a case of just being more careful/aware of what I’m doing and not leaving machines on when I’m not using them. I think the stringent daw-less multi-device users/modular users will suffer the most. I do understand that this is a TE forum, and pretty much all of their products come with ace battery length with short recycle charge times.

Your solar option sounds ace, so is it the initial outlay/recoup period commitment your main consideration? If you move from somewhere sunny to say, some cloudy elsewhere etc…

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We know roughly how much a kettle costs to boil, to have a shower etc. Just how much do our machines cost us to run? I really am that naive. Five devices on a multi-plug going into one wall input; does it use more or less electricity than what one device plugged in does? It’s going to be a painfully sharp learning curve for me.
And I’d love to read your own thoughts. Our hobby/trade has always been expensive. But to power this equipment now comes with a real financial punch.

GAS vs. Electricity…

If you want to know the power draw of various devices, you might buy one of those Baldr meters. For most synth equipment it’s really not much.

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Thanks for the tip.