Electro-Music 2014 Conference in Upstate New York

I’ve been wanting to attend this for a couple of years and it appears that this might be the first time I get to spend the day at the Electro-Music Conference in Huguenot, New York from September 5-7. The conference is about an hour and a half north of New York City and it sounds like a very cool opportunity to meet with lots of other synth and electronic music enthusiasts.

Here’s a link for further information:

Just to justify posting this here, I see that Jez Creek is giving an OP-1 demonstration on Saturday from 3-4 pm.

Being so close to New York City, I seem to miss out on so many interesting opportunities but hopefully this year I’ll be attending this one.


Hi, I’m going, this will be my 5th year :slight_smile:

My demo will just be me going on about how much I love my OP-1
Playing Brooklyn, goodbye blue monday on 3rd September too

Cool! I hope to meet you up there on Saturday.

Cool :slight_smile: