Electronic drums. Any recommendations?

Hi guys,
I’m looking into getting an E-drumkit and have been looking at the Roland V-drums TD11K. I like the fact that the snare has a mesh pad.
However is see a fair bit of older TD (TD1,2,3 etc) sets which look very similar but cheaper (used) and was wondering what the catch was.
I’m happy that I comes with nice kits but I absolutely need midi out to plug my MPC to it and trigger it from the drums.
Any advice?
Thank you

You want real drums ? If you’re not a drummer, pads are pretty cool as well.

Btw, Nord drum 2 + pads should be a pretty col combo : ND2 desktop can do crazy sounds, even bass !

@lyingdalai I’m a punk hardcore drummer who hasn’t owned a drum kit in a while. I’m more used to acoustic drums but with baby and neighbours it’s just not on :frowning: hence the v-drums



I know Roland changed the triggers in the pads to create the same feel as in real drums. You get a different timbre in the sound when hitting the different spots on the pads. This makes the newer versions more expensive.

the newer ones have more complex triggers and velocity sensitivity, but without serious multi-sampled patches it won’t make any difference.

if you’re looking to play your MPC samples and continue with your dope boombap steez… then literally anything will work.

they won’t feel like real drums… but you don’t want real drums, right? you want sampled grit…

also 2nd hand wavedrums go cheap on ebay now…



Never heard of those, I’ll have a look thanks!

@marijn @speckdrum well the more I think of it the more I would like to experiment a bit with different styles so I need solid native drum sounds as well as the ability to midi it all out. I can play drums guitar and bass pretty well and would love to do my own band and add samples to it. Something dark and lofi with effects and arrangements. No loops or sequences. Use cheap Casio keyboards with the Deco, play the drums to a sp303 in vinyl sim mode, etc. Like Portishead meets Flylo on a bad trip sort of vibe.

I’d love to do something like this…
Reminds me of Kraftwerk.

@lefilou - an aerodrums/ez drummer combo would let you switch out kits. That’s my plan anyway!!!