Elektron camping event

Bruno Mouret on Facebook said is willing to organize an Elektron event next to Avignon, France the first weekend of July...

I'd be interested obviously... Would you ?


I’d be interested too ! But unfortunately I have no Elektron stuff :frowning:


It’s not absolutely needed : you can get a lesson as a beginner, and I would bring enough machines for two people :smiley:


not that far from where i live, gonna have a look


Hey @hdd, I thought you were in Toulouse man !

How close are you from Lyon ?


Would love to do this but circumstances make it too difficult right now :frowning: Shame… An excuse to visit to France + Elektron jams is a no-brainer :wink:


@LyingDalai yes i’m in Toulouse, Avignon is @ 3 hours, have to check, will be hard for only one day, will see if i could do somthing cool around there too.