Elektron: Performer – Performance Master Snapshot Controller from Gustavo Bravetti

I’ve never touched an Elektron device, but have appreciated them from afar. Although I don’t see myself shelling out the required cash to get my foot in the door, this article and the accompanying videos on the CDM website makes me feel wistful indeed:


"It’s called, simply, “Performer” – Performance Master Snapshot Controller. And it works with the “dark trinity” of Elektron gear – that’s Analog Rytm, Analog Four, and Octatrack – along with Ableton Push and Max/MSP.

The computer is acting basically as a prototyping tool, as glue between the Push controller and the Elektron gear (indeed, Gustavo is already thinking about how to make a version of this that doesn’t require a full laptop and OS). But the point is that Push’s versatile layout becomes command center for snapshot recall."