Element controler

I ‘discovered’ the lovely element LFO functionality to give more feeling to the created sounds. i was wondering how you guys move the OP to establish that good control over the element LFO. i play my notes right handed and rotate the OP with the left hand. But because of the buttons on the left I need to put my thumb on the speaker. The does not feel safe and does not really give that steady control. Anyone have another way of doing this? I was thinking about a extension on the left to get sort of a pitchbender stick using the two screw holes on the back. And yes i’ve seen the keytar but that is a no go for me :slight_smile:

I do this with the strap loops screwed in:


Cute idea :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea!!

@sammyjams thanks for the post and sorry for not finding your video earlier. I don’t have these screws and will try to create something similar and post a pic.