Element LFO / SUM

Hi, new OP1 field user here.
I am trying to use the “SUM” in the element LFO to modulate the pitch of a synth voice.
So, I have a drumbeat on tape, and want to use that to modulate the pitch of one single held down synth note.
It does not work. Some weird modulation is going on, but it is definitely not coming from tape. My guess the synth voice is just somehow modulating itself in a weird feedback loop.
Is this a known issue?
If I understand it right, the “SUM” should just use everything that is going to the output of the OP1 as a modulation source.

Yeah I think sum is the total output. Which isn’t helpful.

Maybe try muting the track you’re working on, but recording to tape, then you won’t be able to hear it but it will be modulated by everything except itself. Then unmute and play afterwards.

I wish instead of sum it was sim all tracks except selected, or let you choose a track to trigger from.

In this case SUM is NOT the total output. If it were, that would be what I want.
Just the selected synth engine is a modulation source when choosing SUM. I want it to be everything, incl. tape. I could even deal with the self modulation of the synth engine if it was on top of the tape.

ok TE support just replied that indeed the SUM modulator only uses the synth outputs, not the tape. they will change the guide accordingly and look into adding a tape modulator or something like that.


Some kind of tape or track based modulator… would be fantastic. Ducking / sidechaining!

This is fascinating. Yeah I tried to use it also, thinking it would work as described, as ran into the same issue. Quite useless as it stands. Especially as it’s synths are monotimbral really.

Yes! This is what we want.