Empty step in arp

Hi! is there a way or a workaround to insert an empty step in an arp pattern?
I can’t find a way…

First thing that comes to mind is you can use the velocity trig condition set to 9 for the steps you want muted. Or, if you need more percise timing, you can record in a muted step by going to the arp track, arming record while the track is playing, holding shift and pressing the lowest note on the musically keyboard. Just make sure to do a quick save (p +) before so if you mess up you can go back with a quick recall (p -).

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Have you listened to the “six different rhythms” in the style parameter

If you have an op-1 you can use the op-1 arp to get exactly what you are trying to do with the white parameter.

Tank you for the suggestions i’ll take a look!

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I checked to. the six rhythms don’t skip any spaces. Hopefully they can add more than 6 arp patterns, some that skip steps.