Encoder lubricant?


The orange encoder on my OP 1 has a point in its rotation where it stiffens up. I thought it would naturally go away with use but it is still present. I have some Deoxit D5 contact cleaner, does anyone know if this would help or harm the situation?

does it still stick if u remove the knob cap?
if not, then might just be the cap not the encoder.

either way, deoxit shouldn’t harm anything.

I removed the cap and you can still feel the encoder binding.
I was unsure because you can’t really fully remove the power supply and the encoders are near the interface boards circuits.

I use a hypodermic and a beet of silicone grease used in well… encoders to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:
Works like a charm and last FOREVER :flushed:

Sounds good, is there a brand you would recommend?

I wish I could give you the exact brand but unfortunately the one I use is from a piston fountain pen I purchased years ago. Though I did do a little research and any of the ones found on sites such as Amazon ie. “CRC electrical silicone lubricant” which comes I. Aerosol can form or many of the other dielectric grease available would work awesome.

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