Encoder Step Mapping

I had an OP-1 for a while and sold it. Maybe one day will get one again, if prices are somewhere realistical.
But there was one thing I realised and always wanted to ask. The four main Encoders on the OP-1 are Stepped rotarys. What I found was that the Stepping did not correspond to the Value changes in most cases. One would asume that for example preset browsing would be one rotary step corresponds to one preset change ore in case of numbered Parameters. One Click one Step up.
For Presets I often had to spin like crazy to get it to move. Was that normal behavior? Why use stepped Encoders if the Stepping doesn´t correspond?

With shift the encoders have got a finer resolution.

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didn´t press shift…actually want it to be rasterized…but didn´t do it

To make up for people with less precise movements of their fingers?

Some seem mapped for four steps = one increment. It appears to vary with the amount of data you have to scroll through…

They probably just felt like 4 positions was a more ergonomic movement when scrolling. One would have been too fine in my opinion, especially since some of the detents on mine are slightly weaker than others.

I’m pretty sure most parameters respond to each detent though. I could be wrong, but the control does seem to be much finer on most things other than scrolling.

Doesn‘t make sense to me to use stepped encoders in this case somehow.

If I recalll correctly, TE said the encoders were high reliability type for aviation usage. It is possible that a version without detents was not available…

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how dope would it be to have op-z dials installed as an upgrade? I know, only in a perfect world [=