Encoders turning backs on me!

First of all, hello together and it is very nice seeing the community alive and kickin’
But it is a sad occasion that had me writing. I hope to stay an owner and user of this lovely machine. Mine has turned two now exactly and I have had the best experiences with it.
I have to admit, I may have treated the OP not in the best way possible, but still i took a lot of care when carrying it around etc.
After all its an instrument in my opinion.
Now, first of all, my mic stopped working more than half a year ago.
Thats ok, I read a lot about it on the old forum and if it only was for this, I woul be happy.
Then, a few months ago my red encoder sometimes stuck, but was returning every time after fiddling around with the others.
I started to feel like either I had to properly clean the inside and the contacts etc., or the lifetime of my Op-1 is really not that much as I expected.
Now, the green encoder (which is really vital as I realise more and more) stopped working. Sometimes it is returning, then it goes to one direction, no matter where I turn it, then it is gone. And also the blue one occasionally doesnt function for a few seconds or so.
Has anyone ever experienced something like this?
Has anyone cleant his/her device really properly including the knobs?
there is a lot of dust in there I can imagine…
Thanks for your help!

You could try dribbling a little DeOxit down the shafts and then working them for a minute or so in each direction. But that’s only a temporary solution, the problem will come back eventually.

You might be able to pry them apart to clean them:

I take no responsibility if you mangle your OP-1 lol

Have you tried a reformat or factory reset?

Yes, i should have mentioned that I tried a reformat/reset and some old OS Updates as well.
I will try the DeOxit then.

Hi.I used protection foil food :) No dust , water does not get into your OP.Protected display.Mic and speaker work without problém.Tip for all who want to prevent problems.Input,output ,usb carefully pierce the wooden skewers .