Endless sequencer....help!

Alright guys, i absolutely love the concept of Endless Sequencer but I’m having a really hard time sketching out ideas in my head to the sequencer. I think mainly because of the lack of metronome, the fact you have to insert rest / pauses etc. I just find it very tricky to use.

Does anyone have any tips on how to use this great tool more efficiently?

Many thanks

A hand-written table or spreadsheet with colums representing steps within bars and rows representing notes or drum sounds.

Filled cell = note. Empty cell = rest.


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Yeah i thought about that mate, just seems abit long winded. I guess its the only way really

I remember watching a Cuckoo video where he recorded a sequence into the Endless Sequencer, playing the rest key almost like a drummer playing a hi- hat. I tried doing the same thing but simply don’t have the skill. Practice make perfect I hope.

@cuckoo is crazy good with endless. Much envy. Also proves that there are people who “just get it” and other like me who don’t. :o/

My aha! moment with endless was, when I realized that I can slow down my musical idea to a speed I am comfortable playing with the keyboard, and playing the rests with the right arrow (just like Cuckoo is doing on that video I suppose). I’m such a crappy keyboard player that I need to do it really slow though. Then it just takes a couple of tries to get right. Might seem obvious, but this skill doesn’t need as much practise as it would seem at first. Also, singing aloud (or counting) the rests helps a lot. Hope this helps.

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I hate when I do 32+ steps and when I play it back it goes off by a single step somewhere. Faaaaaak!!!

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+1 flybry!

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I’ve just been learning proper counts, ie.:
8th notes: one and two and…
16ths: one e and a, two e and a,…
8T: one tee ta, two tee ta…
16T: one tee ta and tee ta, two tee ta and tee ta,…

Still working on 32nd notes.

The one thing I’ve learned about the OP-1, and probably my favorite feature, is the fact that it exposes your weaknesses so readily and obviously. That way, at least I know what I need to work on.

I like typing in drum tabs as I read the tab. That helped me learn how different rhythms feel to input. With the synths, in my first weeks I did things like input Daniel Johnston songs into the sequencer. Sort of zoning out and tapping stuff in establishes the muscle memory.
I mostly hold shift with my left middle finger, and do steps with my left ring finger, counting to myself as I go and keeping an eye on the counts. You can always go back if u mess up! Makes things pretty easy,
It starts to become really easy

So i am fairly new to the Operator Community, and i can’t seem to find a solution for this sequencer issue haha

I am trying to get a hand of the sequencer, and by starting with the easiest it seems (endless), it works generally, but at some point, the notes will high pitch higher than the pre selected notes, and not stop playing and go above the notes !! ive tried the white knob to decrease the amount of sequence, it’s not the hold button either, and ive tried all synths with it and it keeps on repeating this annoying bug of over high pitch notes… Is anyone familiar with that issue?
Am i missing something? i cannot seem to find a solution, Thank you dear community!

Once you’ve entered your enless sequence, you can replay it by holding the “C” key.
If you hit another key, the sequence will be transposed.

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I know what you mean! i’ve had this after the 237 update connected to the OP-Z and it was a real pain. Are you syncing your unit somehow?

he’s not talking about the transpose feature it’s some kind of a bug where the endless sequencer goes as high as possible and stays at a high pitched noise.

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unfortunately, this isn’t it :confused:

Thank you for sharing Johnny! No i have used it on its own! i don’t where it would be coming from, and i don’t think any modules or lfo were turned on