Endless sequencer... Rotate/nudge steps

Pretty sure this isn’t possible, but if I have an 8 step sequence which, after hearing it loop for a while, begins to sound like it should begin on step 6, what’s the best way to get this on to tape starting at step 6? Guess I could press record on step 6 but might take a few goes to nail the timing. Wondering if there’s a more precise workaround?

A bit faffy, but something I’ve done in the past is record a click track (ie, 8 rim shots or something) to a parallel bit of empty tape. Then, I’ll set a loop start marker on the 6th step on that click track. Then hit stop to position your tape on that loop start point and record your sequence on the appropriate track. Hope you get what I mean - shout if not and I’ll elaborate.

@yoof cool, thanks man, that’ll work :wink:

I like the blue knob in tape mode.push or pull sequencers ,like a dj turntable.
It may not be for everyone. Good for creating lazy or driving hihats say . May be useful finding beat 6 sync.

@Spheric_El thanks this sounds like might be quickest route. Can I change the snap grid resolution in the tape screen so I can slide and snap a block 6 beats to the left etc? Think I need to re-read the manual :wink:

You nudge the tape by fine adjustments. It doesn’t snap, but can help if not started exact on 6th beat.

Another way is to record onto tape from just before the actual 6th step, so start the sequence then set tape to recording manually just before the 6th step, record for a couple pf passes, then lift and drop into drum sample, then adjust the start point to get exactly where you need it, then record back to tape.

Thanks dudes. I’ll try those workarounds out and see which one fits me best :slight_smile:

Back in the 2016 update thread @Mushroots has a very nice suggestion for how to get a sound bit onto the tape that’s exactly 1/8th of a bar long. This, combined with some lift+drop and maybe speed adjustments, would probably give you a way of getting exactly to the 6th step.

I had the same idea :slight_smile: you can also use shift and arrow when turning the blue knob in tape to go to the next marker. So if you have the official OS 14203 you can record the tape chop (key6). It is exactly 1/8 bar. Drop it on a free track (6 times? Don’t know how long your steps are), go to the track you want to move, hold shift while turning the blue knob tho “grab” the recorded track on the 6th step and press the arrow key to move the 6th step to the next tape marker. I hope you know what i mean. My english is not the best.

I think you guys now get what this trick is good for. I posted it about 2 years ago and i had the feel no one noticed it. And i really use it a lot exactly for things like this. So feel free to sen TE an e-mail about the bug in the beta. Im really afraid they let it how it is…

It’s not a bug though because this isn’t what the chop was designed for. Not sure why TE would have changed it though.

It is a bug since it’s not in time with the tape anymore. It doesn’t matter what i use it for

You made me curious if it’s just the recorded part that is not in time. But i tested the chop with a sequence playing and after a few bars it’s out of sync. The chop is a bit shorter than 1/16. It is a bug.

The chop was never advertised as being a 1/8 or 1/16 or any other fixed time measure. It is a play tape effect. The way you were using it was ingenious and really clever but not what the chop was designed for.

Really?! Ok sorry. But it doesn’t make sense for me if it’s not in a musical time measure. And they advertised the new as half as short as the old. The old was 1/8 so the new should be 1/16.
Edit: And if it changes with the bpm setting it should be sync.

I may be wrong @mushroots, no need to be sorry! Where did you see it advertised as being half as short? It’s clearly not.

Of course not official advertised but from reddit: Tape chop effect twice as short