Ends & Oceans … lil pocket operator beat + bonus fxxx

lil beat i made for a demo of an fx pedal i am making.

sounds are all from PO12 + PO16 (factory). sampled to a microgranny & tapped out on an SP404 & run thru the ends & oceans pedal which is a reverb > compression fx

more information about the pedal itself can be found @

thanks y'all much love <#

@docshermsticks I like that a lot. Great work with the custom pedal, really well thought out features going on.

@wolflegjon thanks a lot g! using the loot i got from selling the first two for more parts so i can build more stuff! want to keep the wave going if u feel me!



just like the tide, it comes crashing back §§§§§§§

Damn, they sold out fast!

Woooooow <3

How small is the world I just noticed I buy from you 2 pins!! and now I find you here :open_mouth: haha

@ariadnasprat :stuck_out_tongue: !!!

holy shit this demo beat is incredible.