EP-133 K.O. II Tracks

Hi everyone, I can’t find a thread for EP-133 tracks, so I thought I’d make one. Please share your tracks here! I’ll start:


Beep Boop!


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Thats so great dude! I’ll try to record some stuff at the weekend to upload here.
I’m loving the KO II !

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Nicely done @cmkc !

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Tinkering around with a track

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my first one :sweat_smile:

would it make sense to create a jamuary post?


really dig this. How did you get the trill/stutter on some of the drum hits? Was that just the sample itself?

thanks! i believe this jam is built purely on stock drum samples, i’ve only spiced up those hihats with note repeats here and there and the rest is done by punch in effects, namely fx+enter is the stutter haven and fx+1 is sort of a micro-looper, perfect for messing up with kicks and snares

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Grinch kinda boom bap beat

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i made one more, be careful though - one of the loops is stuck in my head now

I’ve been pushing the KO2 to the limits today. Curious what others are able to do. Most of the content online (YT) is fairly straightforward 4/4 house and hip-hop.
My guess is that there’s so much more to this machine.


ok wtf this is sick. i need to up my game

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a little jam


I play a super ratchet solo in this

I’m starting to actually enjoy this thing. I figured out I have to use it with a keyboard for MIDI in so I’m not weirded out by the 12 pad method