Ep-133 pitch shifting samples by default

Hello, I’m sampling into my KOII and it is immediately pitch shifting the samples by default. I’m still on the sample page, and when I play back the sample using the number pad it is pitch shifted up faster than the original. Any idea why this is occurring? Doesn’t matter which pad, samples are drum loop samples about 3-4 seconds if that matters. Thanks!

two ideas:

  1. are you in key mode perhaps? even if you aren’t you should be able to change pitch with the black fader
  2. i’ve read elsewhere that if you load the samples via the utility there’s some sort of conversion behind the scenes and that might influence the pitch.
    I still need to try loading sample via computer so I can’t be more specific.

It could be a fader setting that is on the pad that effects the pitch.
Hold erase and the fader button to clear all fader settings.