EP-133 + Portablism (iOS Scratching)

I’ve seen lots of great videos of people pairing their PO-33’s with an SC500.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this with an iPhone and MIDI+Audio?

My rough thinking was to route iPhone’s headphone out to EP-133’s Line In.
Use the iPhone screen for scratch input and one key from EP-133 to get a sharp crossfader cut (held key mutes) and maybe assign a few hot cues.

I was hoping to use EP-133’s fader to control for the jog wheel, but near as I can tell the fader position can’t be sent over MIDI.

This might be possible with Algoriddim djay Pro, but I was hoping not to pay for a subscription and MIDI isn’t available in the free version.

DJ Player Pro supports MIDI and it recognizes the EP-133 MIDI input and can learn the note, but doesn’t seem to control the app. Also oddly enough DJ Player Pro doesn’t seem to allow touch input for scratching.

Any other suggestions?

I got something working here:

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