EP-133 wish list

Bought the KO2 about 3 weeks ago and love it. Plus the online software to backup and restore is working fine with my Macs.

I’d love to see the following updates though -

The ability to send just one or more pads in a group to the FX but not the entire group as you have to now.

USB audio. They added it to the OG OP-1, albeit around 10 years after it was released.

Copy project from one project slot to another. Either on the EP itself or the software.

Ability via the software editor to remove any samples which are not being used in any of the 9 projects. This would enable you to not waste storage with samples that aren’t being used in any of the 9 projects.

Even better, ask if you’d like them copied to their own folder on your computer in case there are samples that you want to keep, just not have them saved on the EP133.

Having the option to use more than 48 samples per project. It seems a shame to have 999 sample slots but only be able to use 48 samples per project. Maybe let samples be “locked” to a group, and others to be “unlocked” and assignable per pattern in each group.

Just a few items on my wish list.



Plus resampling, USB disk recording, and maybe mobile backup w/o app

also I want a desktop app for the sample tool + update tool

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Ah yes resampling, good call :+1: Same for a desktop app or perhaps an iPad/iphone sample manager as well.

Actually I’d also love if they added pitch controls to the sample tool (load a sound, re-pitch and convert to the proprietary file format)

That would be useful.

Pattern chaining/song mode

An FX ‘track’ that you can record the punch in effects to

I’d have loved a 4x4 pad layout, that could involve selecting the groups by holding down, say ‘sound’ and one of the group pads, that would also make it harder to accidentally select a group when fi ger drumming. The pressure sensors are in those group buttons, so it’s physically feasible, but obviously there are UI/workflow considerations

Yep it would be great to record the punch in effects. It’s odd that they haven’t already added that as you can do it so easy in the pocket operators. It would be nice to have the choice to make the punch in effects global or applied per group.

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Isn’t this what scenes are for?

Yes and no. Scenes are used to create song sections but pattern chaining is the ability to sequence the scene changes. On the pocket operators you can create 16 patterns, and if you press and hold the pattern select button you can press the patterns you want to play back in order. So if you press pattern 3 6 times and then pattern 1 2 times, the PO will play pattern 3 6 times and then switch to play pattern 1 2 times. You can create long arrangements this way.


Is pretty crazy we have got three updates and no new real features on the device yet… there is a lot the little one can do that is absent on this one…
Still is super dope though and I wouldn’t trade for the other little samplers like the 404v2 or the xt, something about the 133 that is so fun and cool. I love this thing so much I sold my opz as it was pointless when I have this.

Truncate to free up more space, and better sample editing. So, if you chop a sample and delete the original you still can play the chops.

I was not aware of that. So there is pattern chaining - thanks