EQ settings always pop back to previous

Ive been setting different tracks to right / left and setting track volumes in the eq… but they alway snap back to the previous settings or just center on right/left pan after i press the tape button or any other thing. What up with that. i can’t make them stay after adjust the eq volume or pan. ill adjust to where i won’t the tracks volume and pan and then go to tape button and my tracks are right back to center on the right/left pan and the volume settings for each track that i had made aren’t there. Is that just the way it is. seems weird. Im pretty new to the op-1 tho. So does anyone have any recommendations? thanks.

Is it possible that you press M1 or M2 while adjusting your EQ ?

Cause if you do you’re just setting a memory position on the EQ, so that you can recall it by pressing M1 or M2 anytime.

For what you want, you need not to press this buttons.
It should work as requested, this way.

This is a firmware bug I used to encounter; make sure you’re on the latest OS.