Erase tape track.

If you have a bunch of ‘takes’ on a track and want to wipe them all what’s quickest? Can only find the ‘lift/cut’ method. Which sucks for anything more than a couple of blocks if you have to locate/delete them all each individually. Guessing there’s a one hit combo buried somewhere that I’m missing in manual? Just sold a tascam 388 to make some space/sort debts. Missing a lot about it. Having to scan through tape for non creative reasons isn’t one of those things tho :wink:

Shift+lift takes everything between the loop points, but only up to 22secs (just realised this). You can use this to bulk delete multiple tracks.

Thanks. Yeah I saw that in manual. <22secs isn’t so bad doing it individually though, it’s when you have blocks scattered over 3/4+ minutes :confused: Weird workflow ommision considering it’s not actually a tape deck!? oh well…

You could record a loop of silence.Lift it then drop continuous from beginning.
There is delete all 4 tracks with shift + Tape, then 1234.(Or USB to comp and delete track).

I have a 1.35sec ‘take’ on track 3. Tried to ‘lift’ it to delete it. Got message ‘max lift-90 secs’… Ugh… I guess this is due to it placing it in memory for potential paste, but even so, this thing is seriously underpowered/badly thought out. Not sure it’s any less hassle than the grief of Ipad audiobus etc… Every hour or so I’m hitting something where the workflow has some weird needless block. I don’t mind limitations but a £650 unit in 2016 that can’t delete an audio track?? Jeez… The whole ‘Tape’ thing starting to feel like a distractive sheen over what is just a painfully basic 4-track DAW with no benefits except you can make tape transport sounds… Shame cos the sequencers/synths/sampler are mostly fun/interesting for sound design etc.

1.35 secs should definitely be liftable. Is all you’re doing pressing lift over the section you want to lift? (Not shift lift).

Just pressing ‘lift’… Getting that message :confused:

That’s 1m35s yes?

Yeah 95 secs

Scroll forward 6 seconds, cut then lift & lift. Gone.

Thanks, I sussed that workaround :wink: Just a 3 step (potentially more) process that I’m used to being one step. All those little steps add up during jamming. Concerned the OP overall workflow is gonna start bugging me even after I have it all down. Guess just have to get used to that side of OP if I decide to keep it.

A good tip off another user for deleting.
Move backwards from end to beginning of tape.
It’s quicker.

(ps thanks @yoof if I remember correct).

@Callofthevoid - sorry, I’m daft. I read your message as 1.35 seconds. Yes… there’s a 90 second lift limit. Stick with it… there are lots of quirks and limitations, some a little bit annoying, but it’s hands down my most used bit of gear. @Spheric_El - good tip, go backwards :wink:

Can you not just delete the tape track files via usb? I haven’t tried it but was under the impression that they got regenerated as blank tape upon eject/restart?

Thanks for the tips. All good, those workarounds aren’t so bad and decided not to get so down on the little annoyances and just get on with the fun stuff OP does.

@Callofthevoid, indeed the OP1 is constrained, and whether you see that as creative is up to you. Most people, myself included, see it as a good thing - it has a personality. It has a few bad traits too, hopefully the next OS update will address at least a few of them. But if you’re after a radically different workflow, look into getting e.g. an iPad?

All cool, I’m over the purchase doubts now :wink: I have an Ipad already. Fun for sound design but linking apps sucks. I don’t mind constraints on hardware, Octatrack recently showed me how they can make you focus/take new directions, I was moaning about basic stuff being missing/long-winded… Delete track, view tape tracks’ waveforms, zoom in/out on tape time line etc. Just seems like OP can be a bit tedious in that respect. But it’s very minor compared to the good stuff. Mine has poss hardware issues so I need to return it but switching it for another one for sure.