Erase the tape loop selection

Hey there,

I generally erase the whole tape after a backup, but this time I would like to erase 3min lenght (too long for lift), is there a fast way to do it ?

THank you :slight_smile:

cut it up into less than 90 second pieces and lift

I’ve got a max lift of 22sec :confused:

I’ve done this way, but is this the only way ?

90 secs i think is for single tape tracks. 22 sec is for all 4 at once.

a couple quick ideas,

in the box u could record the section u want to keep onto album, erase entire tape, then record back onto tape. not a great one b/c u lose your track separation. unless u recorded each track separately onto album, but that might be a pain to re-align when going back to tape?

if u use a computer and the usb disk thing, u could edit your tape files there to keep what u want then reload them maybe too.

You’re right @docshermsticks, I’m a bit tired :smiley:

Don’t you think that editing tape files with a third party software could corrupt them ?

Someone suggested deleting long Lifts,travelling from end of tape to beginning .It’s faster.

I’ve done like that yes :slight_smile:
I was wondering why the lift button is labellized “Lift/Erase”