Erasing a single track

So I have a track I am not happy with, is there a way to erase a single track? Or, do I have to just lift each audio snippet one by one (and chop up any snippets longer than 90 seconds)?

Yes that or use the computer to do it.

Erasing chunks from right to left it makes that task easier, but yes, lots of lefts, lifts and shifts.

you can jump to the beginning or end of everything that has been recorded to Tape by tapping the Stop key, when stopped…

first tap on Stop goes to loop beginning.

tapping Stop + Left Arrow goes to the beginning of everything recorded

tapping Stop + Right Arrow goes to the end of everything recorded.

(helpful to not have to jump all the way back to the beginning/end holding Shift and Tapping Arrow keys like a maniac).

Loop the whole section (max 90 seconds) you want to erase, even if chopped into tiny increments.

go to the end of the Loop marker and nudge the Playhead into the Loop using the Left Arrow.

now Record.

now you have (max 90 seconds) of a Track you can Lift in one chunk.

with a total of 6:00, you can Erase everything in ~4 Lifts, fairly quickly.

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