Escalating volume on start up?

Two questions here regarding start up:

  1. Every time I turn it on I hear a small “pop” coming from the internal speaker as the OP-1 boots up.

  2. Every time I start up my OP-1 the sound coming from the internal speaker is low. As I play the keys or a track, it gradually gets louder (after a few key strokes or a few seconds of playing), it evens out, and then stays consistent until I turn it off/on again.

Are these both a normal part of the OP-1’s operation?

Everything is fine.

The gradual volume increase is just all the tubes and analogue goodness inside the unit warming up :wink:
(At least that’s what I think it’s meant to be simulating)

  1. is normal
    2) is also normal but can be effect less and more by which effects you are driving on the patch and the master track.

Ok cool. Thanks guys.