Eucci, "Oceanfront" EP with heavy use of OP-1 and PO-12,16

5 tracks:

1. The Ferocity Orchestra - Nothing but Pocket Operators 12 and 16. 80bpm chiptune/bigbeat kind of thing.
2. Base Lineage - “Dot Melody” sequencer/synth on iPad playing Volca Keys (midi) and Trogotronic 679 Gran Fury minisynth (CV) via Oplab. Bass and drums from iPad, noise from Trogotronic, leads from Volca.
3. Miami Blue - some low grade retrowave fun. Pure OP-1 and a bass sound that I absolutely love. Using some tape tricks and double tracking to loosen up any sequences.
4. The Changing of the Light - It started as experiments for the PO-OP (or should that be OP-PO) battle that’s currently going on. Then it became a cheap vaporwave attempt. But via doing stupid tape tricks it became something quite beautiful. Track 1 - sampled a PO-12 beat into an OP-1 drum part; Track 2 - sampled a PO-16 sound into a Synth Sampler part; Track 3 - ran PO-16 patterns through the tape running at 200% while recording; Track 4 - A DR Wave synth part recorded forwards and backwards.
5. Summerhaze - From long before the OP-1, PO-12, or most anything else used on this album. A tape collage from 1994 using loops generated by SK-1 and an Amiga 500 running Octamed along with synth sounds from SK-1 and Yamaha PSS-140. Lots of radio and other haze. You don’t have to stick around for this part.

The beautiful “Changing of the Light” accident brought “Summerhaze” back to mind and suddenly it’s a cheap summer tape 21 years in the making. From playing around with real tape manipulations in 1994 (doing stupid walkman tricks to get it to run backwards and engage all 4 tracks by getting the auto-reverse switch stuck in a particular spot) to playing with the OP-1’s virtual tape… I love it. I’m still really new to the OP-1 and man - so happy with it. The tape paradigm and its surprisingly good saturation capabilities is bringing me beyond full circle. The PO-16 is reminding me of the old cheap synths I got for Christmas as a teenager… So cool.