Eurorack: Does the Erica Synth pico trigger work with the op-1 clock sync?

The pico trigger would be a nice addition to my Eurorack. It can be clock master but also take a clock and sync to external clock.
The clock sync out of the op-1 is sometimes too quiet/wrong level to work with every module: the make noise math or function will sync to the op-1 the Pamela’s workout and the delptronics trigger man will not. Anyone tried the pico trigger?

somewhat unlikely.

the OP1 is very quiet, worth going through a MI Ears or another gain stage :expressionless:

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Yes the MI ears works perfect as a preamp but in this case I want to use only modules that only use the +12V. Like pressure points, Rene, Erica trig etc.

Trigger-Module arrived today (needed it anyway) and the op-1 clock is too quiet. Erica Synths suggested to use one of their scale modules to get more voltage out.

hi @dinraum!

did you find a way to receive clock form the op-1 into your trigger from erica synths?

I have a midi<->clock from erica synths and I can’t get clock input from my op-1.

DIt looks like the OP1 sync Signal is too quiet. You have to use a preamp like the mi ears or the middle channels of a Maths to boost it.

that’s what I thought :confused: thanks for your reply!

I have the ears. Is it a case of taking audio out of the headphone socket into ears and setting the OP-1 as… how does this work :slight_smile:

Yes. If you set the OP1 to po sync it outputs a clock signal on one channel. Be careful with headphones and this mode. You need a special splitter cable to separate the clock from the mono channel.
There is one tractor dj cable that should work. But I also have some signal bleeding. I think you need also a stereo cable or have to solder one by yourself.

I use a SISM by 4ms, and I also use two types to splitters.
The Red/Black Hosa with tip/ring markings, and a multiple so I get copies after the SISM
amplifies the signal. On a scope OP1 trig is around 1V or so and most modular gear needs at least 2V.

Are those red black hosa cables not just simple stereo?

Yea its stereo to 2 mono split L/R. That way you can have audio on one and trigger on the other, I think tip is trig. Same with the input. You can clock it from external and the splitter will allow one to be trig in and one to be audio in.