Eventide Mixing Link or Radial Loco Voco for vocals into OP1?

Looking to record vocals into OP1 thru a Mixing Link or a Loco Voco with a guitar pedal, anyone using either? I’d imagine the Mixing Link is the way to go because of the AUX and Phones.

I have a MixingLink and it’s super useful. You could definitely use it with the OP-1.

It also looks more flexible than the Radial box. The MixingLink has combo XLR jacks, a stereo aux in, and a headphone jack.

I just got the Mixing Link. Any pedals you prefer to run vocals thru?

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I have recently faced the same question…and chose neither of them. First I went for the BOSS ve-500, which luckily was defective.
Then I bought a Zoom G1 Four.
It’s not made for vocals, but accepted mic signals just fine without causing too much noise. And it allows you to create great vocal chains using its many FX.

I’d say give it a try before you buy something way more expensive!

Edit: Oops saw you already got the mixing link, hope it’ll work for you!

We were on the same track. I added a zoom multi stomp and it’s a good pairing.

Good to hear it works for you too!