Ever going to be another update?

Hey guys, not whingeing at all…just wondered if you guys think with the track record of TE there will be another update? Im more than happy with what we’ve got but it’d be great to see new additions in future.

Not for a long time - I think all their efforts are focused on the OP-Z right now.

PO’s got nice integration into the Op1’s software. Maybe we will see the same for the opz. I imagine there will eventually be another update. I wouldn’t be surprised if it isnt 2 years or so…

Mainly bugfixes… https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/46938/#Comment_46938

I’d wager there’d be a couple of people, me included, on this forum interested in contributing code to future updates if that’s what it takes to make them happen. Obviously trust, NDAs, and IP waivers would need to be involved. Another, best case scenario would be some public plugin API but that’d probably be too much effort to create in itself. TE: PM please if interested :slight_smile:

At the last NAMM one of the TE guys said they still have plans to support and update the OP-1 since it’s still their premiere product, but I’m sure with the new op-z and their 2019 IKEA collaboration they have their hands full.