Every note(synth) keeps echoing after being pressed.

help needed to find why this has started happening.

I press a key and a note sounds. Then i let go and it echoes a few times before disappearing after 5 secs or so. each echo getting quieter and quieter. I have NO FX turned on. NO LFO. I dont want this echo. just the one note sound from the Synth. I have no Sequencer turned on. It didnt happen before i updated to Beta. Have i turned an echo feature on by mistake? I can’t see where. Help appreciated.

Master FX off too?

Check your master effects - sounds like you have a delay set on the output there.

Wow thanks guys that was spot on and so quick. I must have turned Master FX on by mistake. I cant remember doing it but may have gone through the menus after updating to see the changes.

This site is the best.

This issue/post is nearly a rite of passage for every new owner. Welcome!