Experiences with contact mics / piezo ?

Hi, any experience to share? Have you ever tried using a contact mic / piezo mic with the OP-1? I’ve tried to search the forum but I couldn’t get any helpful result. Thanks.

hmm, I do use them, but I’ve not actually tried direct into the OP1. I can try this evening and maybe post a video if you like?

Thanks, a video is not really necessary though (unless you have time!). I’m just curious if they need some sort of amp or they work fine straight into the OP-1…

Check out lavalier mics. It is what most of us use for our op1’s. Some can even switch from widefield(condensor?) to directional!

Thanks for your feedback, lavalier mics are not contact mics though :slight_smile:

hey @anr here’s a very crude rushing out the door test. I’ve got a single jet riley french contact mic held on a guitalele. 1st pass is with the gain on full, 2nd at 0db. Not that bad actually. I might try hooking my melodica and guitar through this when I have a bit more time.

Contact miss are quite delicate. I have three, and two have intermittent connections. You have to wiggle them gently and then you hit a sweet spot in my experience, even with nice ones. So for Live, they’re a bit temperamental, but for just playing, definitely give it a go!

Thanks @formatk I appreciate that. I know those mics, they seem popular. But did you use the OP-1 to record this? On tape?

@anr yup, literally just armed the live input on tape and recorded stuff, no EQ or fx or compression. quite clean. I find the built in mic picks up a lot of ‘mechanical’ noise.

^mine also picks up alot of noise. i have also used piezos on guitarelele and didnt like the audio quality. plus i kept getting alot of feedback.

I bought a crank sturgeon contact mic and have had really good results recording directly into the op-1 (mostly mic’d scrap metal as audio source). Made the mistake of doing this live, running heaps of high gain distortion after the scrap metal into the op-1, and the feedback was ludicrous…was manageable once I (reluctantly) turned the distortion off. Not an issue in the studio I’ve found.