Exporting op-1 to iPad daw

Is there a clever way (or just straightforward) way of getting album tracks into an iPad daw (file transfer only). I’m taking a track I done on the op-1 into a fancy studio in a couple of weeks and need it as a daw project prior. I can only think of exporting to the misses MacBook Pro and then uploading to Dropbox to then drop into AudioShare and then into cubasis or going the iTunes route - both faff!!

Cubasis is kewl =]

I use a Line 6!sonic port to get my stuff on the ipad.

Thanks. It looks pretty straight forward and affordable. If recording in tracks, how are you making sure they line up in daw? Guess it’s a bleep at the start of each track?

My methods are primitive, literally just re-recording the tracks from the OP-1 onto cubasis. Theres probably a better way.