Exporting tracks from op1 to computer?

Hi, newbie here, I love the forum and my op1 and have finally registered!

I apologize if this has been covered somewhere already or if this is a dumb question, I have been unable to find anything. What does everybody use for software on the computer to move/copy/backup tracks to the comp from the op-1? And how do you do it? I tried exporting a track and all I did was manage to lose the track… :frowning: I have a Macbook and would prefer something a little simpler and “newbie friendly” than say ableton. Any suggestions?

I dont use any software & I’m on a mac too. I simply use the finder to drag and drop files from OP-1 in disk mode to my computers hard drive.

I’ve got a folder with a similar file system as the OP. A sub folder for drum samples, synths, and another for tape reels. Then its simple to use these samples in any DAW.

Thanks for the replies! I must be missing something… I connect the op1 to my comp then turn it on while holding the com button, the op1 shows up in finder but there doesn’t appear to be anything in it… What is it that I should be seeing? Also can you only transfer recordings or can you transfer tape tracks? And what filenames do they show up as?

Turn it on normally. Press Shift + Com. Hit T3 for Disk mode.

Oh my God… How did I not know about this?
Thanks so much! :slight_smile: