External control of OP's MIDI LFO

Hi there,

I’m shaping a small lead sound and I’d like to know if there’s a way to assign the 4 MIDI channels the OP uses in its LFO (Mod, Breath…) to a knob from another device through Ableton (I’m using Ableton Push and an Evo UC33e).
I can’t find a way to see those modulations outside Live clips, so as to assign them.

Thanks! Sorry if this has already been asked.

yes it is possible - and ups the fun quite a bit. I use my OT do that and I’m sending out #CC 1-4 out from the OT to an assigned midiLFO in the OP1
… dunno how that works in live but you’d need to select the OP1 as midi destination(Midi to)… make sure both unit using the same midi channel.
maybe that target drop down then show you

I’m sure some of the big cats could chime how to set this up in ableton. sorry i can’t really help on this end and I realize that’s probably your initial question so maybe i should just shut it +)

'spose you’d need to set up dummy devices (such as pitch mods) to give them an CC input from your controller (in MIDI map mode) and maybe that gets passed through to the midi out?.. but maybe thats just utter shyte and its waaay easier. as you can tell, I 'd like to know too

cough… way easier - this is fun to do:
make an empty midi clip. go to the clip-envelopes (maybe you need to
enable the little circle with the “e”). select the cc number from the
drop downs. draw in automation. make sure the midi channel is sending to
the appropriate output

…found this on another forum

Thanks for answering!

The thing is, I can draw the automation for the MIDI CC channels and it will do the modulations perfectly, but I’d like to map those CC channels to a physical knob without any preestablished automation, to get more natural automations by hand.
Been trying to google it but I can’t find anything…
Maybe this will help, I'll be trying it out.

you mean like twisting those knobs on the OP1 itself? =)

whats a good iOS app for this? looking for midi LFOs?