External microphone confusion....help?


Performed a search and couldn’t find anything on this specific issue. Would love to get this resolved or if anyone has had a similar issue…
Essentially the mic in my op-1 died. No big deal, figure I’d just buy an external mic with better sound quality anyway. Happy to do so. Went to my local tech shop and purchased a “Rode Smartlav plus” link (http://factorysound.com/products/smartlav-plus). Plug it into the input jack and all I seem to get is a scratchy static. I liked this mic because it’s small and portable, and don’t want anything too clunky. When I took it back to the shop, we tried a larger Rode mic (which has a battery) and that works fine, as do iphone headphones plugged into the input jack in a reverse hack way. We tried multiple copies of the mic I bought and none work so we know it wasn’t broken. It has the same connections as the other mics that work. Is there anything I’m missing? Does an external mic for use in an Op-1 need to be externally powered? Something else?

Any help very appreciated !

Hello pageantpageant!

I don't own an OP-1 yet, but I've been doing research on lav mics since like you, I thought they'd go really well with the OP-1. As far as I understand the input on the OP-1 accepts mono line signals (synths etc) and possibly, since I'm not sure about the gain/impedance specs, could also take a dynamic microphone and maybe an electric guitar. Here some other users could shed some light on this. Anyway, lavalier microphones, like condenser mics, require power to operate, so they won't work with the OP-1. That's why you were able to get sound with the battery powered one. I've been looking for a super portable mic myself and these are the possible solutions I've come across:

  1. This dynamic lavalier made by Shure.
  2. Any battery powered lav, like the Rode you mentioned.
  3. DIY small dynamic diaphragm.
I've read some people use a Zoom H1 with their OP-1s (battery powered condenser). Certainly good quality but too big for my taste...

I’m wondering… the internal mic might easily be an electret. Most lav mics are electret and perhaps there’s a way to feed the power of the internal mic to the input socket?? If I had an OP-1 I’d try this option.

Anyone who replaced their microphone might help.

I’ve checked your mic. It’s made for mobile devices which have a TRRS socket (Left, Right, Common ground, Mic). The mic’s signal travels on the last two parts of the plug, at the very base. If the input on the OP-1 is a standard TRS or TS, it won’t read the third ring.

What happens if you plug the jack half-way?
Strange that you got sound with the similar iphone earbuds…

I just realised maybe IOS has a mic option and it seems like it does!

This is the first thing I found - I’m going to keep looking https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vonbruno-microphone-pro/id346742386?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

I also use the Zoom h1, but ya, if you’re looking for something real scaled down, you might have some luck with a video camera mic like Sony’s ECM line. I’ve had some decent results, but there more around the lines of lo-fi to me.

Any updates on a worthy microphone? I must confess I am also just using the one on my phone, so they quality leaves much to be desired.