External wind controller?

I want to attach a wind controller to my OP-1F. After initial velocity, is there a way to get the OP-1f’s volume to respond to aftertouch or breath CC?

I saw you question on Elektronauts forums too.

Holding Shift and Pressing 4 lets you select from different LFOs.

Of interest are two, Midi LFO and Element LFO.

Midi LFO allows midi CC numbers 1-4 to be assigned to parameters. In typical midi terms, 1 is usually modwheel, 2 is usually breath controller, 3 is generally undefined and 4 is usually foot controller. So by ensuring your breath controller is sending one of those numbers you can assign it to a parameter in the synth engine or the effect used.

Element LFO is what I mentioned before, the G source is the gyroscope / tilt sensor. The Mic source is whatever audio input you’ve selected with shift+mic, and that is an envelope follower. So the internal mic or an external could modulate a parameter of the sound. Could be handy if you want expression and don’t have your breath controller handy.

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Thanks, I’ve been working on it, and that CC setup is pretty easy to do. In terms of getting good breath response, results are passable at best. I mean, I don’t want the controller to simply turn notes off and on with velocity, but need to modulate a good feel controlled by breath pressure while still getting good tonguing response. I can program my controller to send out any combination of CC’s 1-4, but it’s been hard to find a sweet spot, the OP-1F response being way too hot. I have good breath control from a long time of playing winds, but I have to keep it quite tightly constrained to keep from modulating to the max. My controller’s velocity curve options adapt to what the OP-1 needs well enough, but the lowest setting of CC response is just too much.

I’m trying different engines for the different combos of parameters I can modulate, and that will take some time to go through all of them. It’s looking, though, like the OP-1 won’t be a good wind controller module except for noodling on couches. It’s pretty convenient for that, powering my controller and providing audio out of the little speaker so that it’s an independent mobile setup.

I’ve not had the occasion to use a breath controller sadly, but yeah if it sends the whole 127 range of values you need something to reduce that. It can be done in software, for testing, something to scale the controller numbers from 0-127 to say 0-32… the environment in logic can do this on the mac. There are hardware midi boxes I am sure that could do this sort of thing. For a portable setup you probably need to look at that.

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