Extracting samples out of OP-1 patches?

I really enjoy cutting and editing samples in the drum sampler and building kits with it.

It would be great though if you could get the kits out of the op-1 as single samples instead of only having the 12 second .aif patch file. For using them in a MPC for example.
I usually sequence every note in Endless, play it at a 60 bpm into Ableton and do automatic cuts matching the bpm in order to get the files, but that seems rather overkill. Isn’t there a more elegant way to get single files out of the patch file? Something like the OP-1-Drum-Utility in reverse basically?

I believe you can use the op1 drum utility in reverse and extract the individual slices to your computer.

basically, just drag the drum kit patch aif file onto the drum utility window and it will load up. then you can take each individual slice and drag it into a folder....right?

also, u could just load the aifs as is into the MPC and chop it up. that would be a quick way to get your individual sounds.

While the Drum Utility shows the slice-time of the aif and dragging/exchanging the slices across the slots, i can’t seem to drag them into any folder. I think the Utility only does consolidation of files, not splitting.

I kind of like the chopping workflow inside the OP-1 in comparsion with loading and chopping in the MPC, which is why i wondered if there was a workaround which i might just have missed. I mean it can’t be impossible to read the slicepoints out of the aif.

But you got me thinking about going via the audio in of the MPC and simply recording straight from the OP-1, so thank you.