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I just recently created an artist page on Facebook and have started the epic search for likes. So I thought I would post here asking you guys but then I came up with the plan to share this opportunity with everyone who has a fan page/facebook page that they would like to share. Post them all in this thread and we will gain glory through the all mighty thumbs up! :slight_smile:

Here’s my page:
Made Up Monster - Home | Facebook

I liked your page,

Here’s mine:


I’ll try to like all the ones that come later too.

Nice idea!

Here’s my page: https://m.facebook.com/pages/Uleria/118681544819406

Aah, while we’re at it… comix 'n stuff with occasional music:


@Tribrix is Killer…picxx

@moedars, I really enjoy your comics, it has this mix of crazy and fun, very good !
Have you edited a whole BD ?

@LyingDalai Cheers!

what you mean exactly with “BD”?

Edit: @punji aah, thanx for the explanation :slight_smile:

For this year I’m working on a collective risoprinted (super nice printing style) BD/zine.

BD = bande dessinée (comic book in french, I suppose).

Nice going people! I just gave all of Your FB pages some love :slight_smile:

Here’s our electro-psych-pop (or u name it…) on facebook:

Will check all the other links posted here, looks like some great vibes are going on here and there. :slight_smile:

BD = bande dessinée (comic book in french, I suppose).
Yes indeed, sorry it just went out by itself... I look forward to see some artwork of yours @moedars, let us know when you got something new :)

Virtual Flannel - Home | Facebook

Def gonna go down the list and like everything up!:slight_smile:

This what I like to see! Here’s our page for our animation… https://www.facebook.com/teethshort

I will send some likes your way as well!
Here is mine: https://www.facebook.com/lefiloumusic

- I’m playing tonight in East London by the way, if anyone is around, that’s 8pm @The Chequers Pub, E17. I’m on the SP404sx and my friend will scratch/cut.

https://www.facebook.com/kites.pongan add me.


I don’t have a facebook account which, according to several articles I saw recently, means I’m probably a psychopath and also that I’m not fit for employment. I have no problem with people choosing to use facebook but it sure seems that someone in the media feels uncomfortable about general non-compliance. Strange though, I was sure that Rupert Murdoch was a my space user, lol!