Fade In and Fade Out

Can anyone tell me the best way to do recording to tape. As you cant switch between screens.Should the master tape orange volume level be lowered slowly on one track for fade out And increased slowly on the other track for fade in. Thanks

Also, as others have have mentioned, there IS a 'arm' functionality when pressing shift+rec. Open up any screen afterwards (synth -> T3 filter) and press Play when you're ready to record.


Also, the tips and tricks thread is the best source for everything.

Maybe you can automate the volume using the LFO. You should definitely give it a try

This is quite sad. So many views nobody knows. Ive only seen one post similar which had one reply. I know its not a DAW and shouldnt expect too much. I guess the orange slider is the only option. I wish TE gave an option to switch between screens whilst recording.

The Mixer is great for Live but of little use for Recording on the tape.

You can definitely switch screens while recording…

Why you no read?
Just use LFO > Tremolo. This way you don’t even have to switch screens.

Plus if you would spent one minute to actually read the stuff you would understand that you actually CAN SWITCH SCREENS before recording.

So it continues recording after switching to say Mixer screen. i didnt know this. thanks

Im sorry guys. Ive just tried switching whilst recording and it DOESN’T work. If i switch to Mixer and gradually reduce L/R channels or Track volume individually then go back to tape to hear results there is NO fade in or fade out. It stays exactly the same volume.

However the orange tape level slider does work for fade in or fade out Hooray!. But it would be better for a Mixer as you can do the tracks individually as you like.

dsclu you HAVE to switch screens to get to LFO whilst recording.

It’s because the tape routes through the eq and then your speaker, so your changes aren’t recorded to tape. Press shift+mixer and take a look to the sound path.

IF you want to record the changes, use the album and lift the data afterwards.

BUT I would still prefer a tremolo. Maybe we can help you better, when you try to explain what you really whant to achieve.

If it’s a synth where you want to add an fade fx, then go and add a tremolo by holding shift+t4, then select tremolo. You just need to edit the clock as well as the number at the bottom. Check out the manual for more information. https://teenage.engineering/guides/op-1/lfo#15.4

Then, when the synth does the thing you want, go to tape and hit record. If you’ve done it right you shouldn’t need to switch screens because the lfo is doing all the work for you.

If you want to add the fade to a section that’s already recorded, you need to hit lift from the tape and put it in another samples based synth. Then add tremolo as explained above and rerecord it

I don’t understand the issue here.

dschu im recording a synth ambient drone that needs to be faded out and in later on. So its a very long sustained pad of about 30 seconds or so. I hope this makes more sense. The fade out has to happen in realtime as i record not afterwards as i prefer this workflow.

Eli5 yes the Orange slider works perfectly. Its just you cant control channels or individual tracks(i think)

You can manually fade and mix multiple tracks from tape to another track on tape using ear on the input. It’ll pick up all master mix, eq, fx, and compressor settings as well.

The orange knob is individual to the tracks so when you record to tape you fade in and out with that knob, it won’t affect the other three tracks.

If it can fade in and out individual tracks then that is the best for me at the moment. The other solutions i will look into. thanks all

The orange knob only effects the individual track you’re currently recording to. If you’re not recording anything it doesn’t do anything.

Thanks crudeoperator.

Hey @Peeter , not sure if this will help but …
If you want a drone to fade in and out, maybe the envelope could help (page 2 in synth mode)? Long attack and release.
Fading out then in, well Orange in tape page will work best maybe,as you are doin, or try the LFO set up on volume.Maybe even try element lfo on G setting,always fun.

+1 for the G-LFO, I tend to forget about it but for stuff like this it provides way smoother control than the encoders (unless maybe if you have a crank)

Hey Guys!
Thanks for more tips. I thought about the envelope decay after. Maybe useful if the slider is a bit awkward. The tremelo sounds good too but i havent got used to it yet. Early days. So much to learn and so much to forget. Practice is the key word. thanks again.