Failed to Create Patch

So i loaded up some patches on the op-1 and everything is fine.

Then i tried to load other ones. All of which are .aif files and i’ve gotten from this site. No matter which ones i choose, synth/drum whatever i keep getting “failed to create” .

Does this mean my op-1 is out of memory? if so, is there a way to check to ensure that this is the issue?

thank you for your help.

Yes, that’s what it means usually. You should be able to verify by moving a few patches back onto your computer so you have some space and then copying the new ones over again.

I’ve noticed that my OP-1 likes to tell me that one day, and then the next/soon I can install a few more o.O

I think it must do some sort of defrag/maintenance/cleanup.

Or I’m crazy.

but seriously, I couldn’t store my own patches, it said I was out of room, and then without changing a thing I was able to store Snapshots again. Try and store a Snapshot (hold down a number key, 1-8) and see what it says.

Actually I’ve also noticed some slightly buggy behaviour here too. When I was making some presets for the presets battle, I held down a number key and it didn’t give me the green tick at the end. So I assumed I had no extra space and connected my computer to clear stuff down and lo and behold, my preset was there.