Failed to import sample

Hey guys - quick question/troubleshoot.

I'm trying to import my own drum samples. I made both a 6 second and 12 second chain of drum samples. I connected the OP-1 to my computer, created my own folder in the DRUM folder and then dragged and dropped my sample chain. The OP-1 returns an error that says it failed to import sample (the folder string actually). Curious, has anyone run into this error?

Is there something a little more detailed than the manual for importing sample?


do u have other “kits” loaded up?

i think the only time i’ve gotten that is when i reached the max memory for drum/synth patches

is it in the right format? .aif?

just use xfer’s free OP-1 Drum Utility, drag and drop your samples into it and it makes a preset for you ready to go w/ out worrying about formats.

Ah ha! I think you're on to something. I may have been exporting .wavs

Thanks Doc and Kris - I appreciate how helpful this forum is.