Fast guide for using op-1 with finale and laptop on the road

OP-1 is my favorite on the road synth-- fits right in my bag with a Surface.

Very specific video here-- if you’re using Simple Entry with Finale, you need a numpad to switch note values. Laptops don’t always have that. This video teaches you how to make a hotkey script so that capslock turns your regular number keys into numpad keys, making Finale very easy to use on the road.

Quick tip-- I don’t even go into midi device settings to assign the OP-1 in Finale. It works without doing that (and usually my computer says “can’t open device more than once” because it’s already gotten hold of the OP-1’s MIDI elsewhere).

how to hotkey your numbers to act like numpad for Finale!

Bonus vid: how to play piano phase on an OP-1