fastest way to create stems?

So currently when I have created a tape with some interesting loops/riffs etc I then load into Cubase to split into stems. Then I can reuse when arranging etc.

I load in Cubase , select the same tempo and then cut different events/loops which then get transformed into sample regions to bounce as single files.
My process is the following and it is not the fastest or most straightforward:

Anyone doing something smarter? I am on Windows by the way.

Have you tried working on one track, looping it across the tape, making variations and then exporting them. For example, track 1 is shakers, track 2 is snare, track 3 is hihat and track 4 is kick. You can mix and bounce in the OP-1 into one drum stem or you can export each track to a DAW and mix there. Am I making sense?

You do but that is not what I am trying to do - an it is likely my fault for not explaining very well! Maybe stem is not the right term.

I don’t want to mix different tracks, just trying cut say 2 bar loops from individual tracks (just the drums or the bass etc) of the tape and keep them as stems in my sample library.

A “stem” is generally considered one track of a multitrack recording. A remix artist is typically given a bunch of stems for the song they are remixing. Trent Reznor likes to release song stems for fans to remix his work.