Fat Lama - rental service

Anyone on here ever used or heard of Fat Lama (https://fatlama.com/)? Just been asked if I’d consider renting out an item I’m selling and, although covered by Fat Lama insurance, I’m a bit wary if being honest.

Never used it or heard of it. Had quick look at link. Be interested to maybe use it from both directions at some point tho if it’s solid. Let us know how it goes if you go for it

Think it will probably work out best for those in densely populated areas, maybe not so much for me. Might stick a couple of synths on it and see how I get on. Nothing of note to rent myself in the local surrounds.

Yeh immediately thought of putting my Dom1 and Re 201 on there and possibly renting some tape recorders at some point if there are any listed. Will have a proper look later…

Well I’ve stuck my organelle on it, might be a bit too niche but let’s see what happens huh.

Be pretty cool if it works out :slight_smile: