Faulty Battery / Backplate Bulge / Swollen Battery Expansion

Here’s something I don’t think anyone has seen yet. I went to play with my Zed today and noticed that there was a slight bulge underneath. At first I thought it was because last time I played, maybe I didn’t seat the back plate properly, however once I removed the plate, I noticed that there was indeed, something amiss.

Zed’s dead baby, Zed’s dead . . .


Please read this article:

Too soon </3

Good article, thanks for the tips!

As of today, TE has sent me out a link for requesting an RMA. According to the initial email, they said they would send me out a replacement once they received the old one. Now do they mean a replacement OP-Z or a replacement battery I’m not entirely certain. However in the United States I absolutely know that I just can’t mail out a battery, unless it’s in the product it’s supposed to go in… So I’m assuming they mean an new OP-Z, unless they mean for me to ship my OP-Z and they’ll replace the battery and then ship it back. I’ll keep updates as soon as I get more information. I noticed that someone on Reverb mentioned that they had a slight bulge in the back plate, but they attributed it to just bending after usage – I’d imagine it’s could be a common misconception. I’m hoping they don’t have a bad batch of batteries, and mine is just a hiccup, but if anything it might behoove everyone to keep a check on their batteries.

IMO this response shows how out of this world TE is right now… any sensible company would immediately ship you a new battery (or a new OP-Z, if they think yours is fault and caused the problem), without any obligations, just to minimize the impact this may have on their image.


I have to say, and I am kind of sad about this… But after this, I think my love affair with TE has come to an end. I literally got one of the first Zed runs here in the states, waited with bated breath like everyone else, and have indeed had fun with it. But as the saying goes, the devil is in the details and there are just a lot of annoying little things like this that just kind of irk me. From a design and engineering standpoint, I can understand why they might want the unit – to see if there is any flaw that a later revision might correct, or make a determination if there is a potential for a bad batch of batteries. Can they say anything? Probably. But should they? Then everyone will be clamoring for this and that and so and such…

On the other hand… I waited a pretty long time for this, and now I have to send it back 8 months later… so there is that…

Either way, whenever this issue is closed, I’m really going to be considering whether or not I want to be a part of the TE family, or just say “thank you, next” for something else…

I just quoted Arianna Grande, shoot me…


Wanted to follow up with what had happened, in case anyone else was interested:

After posting this (and on instagram), and reaching out to TE they did follow up, and quite quickly.

They supplied me with a two day shipping tag to send my Zed back to Sweden via UPS, and after figuring out with the UPS lady how to put everything in the shipping pouch (apparently a very specific process), my Zed made it safely to Sweden in two day, and before the week was up, TE had sent me a revised OP-Z! The whole process took about 2 weeks from start to finish, and while I have read many a horror story regarding their customer service policies, I can’t imagine how this process could have gotten better.