Faulty Key (brand new)

Just purchased my OP-1 a few days ago, and the 5th white keyboard key from the right (the A key) doesn’t register as soon as the key depresses (like all the other keys). It requires some extra pressure before it will make a sound. This is very frustrating when trying to play, as it only registers ~50% of the time. I emailed Teenage Engineering and they replied quickly sending the ifixit.com link with cleaning / replacing keycaps.

On pressing the keys without the keycaps, it was very apparent that it a problem with the actual key under the rubber dome requiring more force to register a press.

I replied with this video of the key not working right http://youtu.be/oG2H87EEbtc

After I emailed that back, I haven’t heard anything. This was on Thursday (australia time). Hopefully they’re just taking an extended weekend, but it feels like they’re ignoring my problem.

Anyway, I assume this will require a replacement unit. Annoying to say the least. Hopefully they don’t try to screw me over on this.

I have a similar problem with two of my keys and it looks it will cost me about $140 USD (w/o warranty). They seem to be inconsistent to my replies and others as well, but I’m sure they’ll get back to you by next week.

they should have used buckling spring keys :stuck_out_tongue: it would never have happened… or cherry at least. no way am I paying anything to get this fixed/replaced… not even shipping… I hope they don’t try to suggest it.

It was like this straight out of the packaging…

TE doesn’t handle warranty themselves unless you bought it from them, just FYI. I don’t know that they have a repair center in Australia, either, so you might be instructed to have it repaired by the retailer, who may have to ship it off to Sweden o.O

or if it was me, I’d just return it for another one if possible. You just got it, dealing with a lengthy repair process should not be on you.

The retailer told me to contact TE. Annoying situation.

Sorry to hear about that. The retailer is fine with selling faulty products, then? Can you please tell me the name of this retailer so I can boycott them forever?

Thanks and hope your issue gets resolved!

Well to be fair, they were sold the faulty product by TE… I agree that it isn’t an ideal situation for anyone. I’ll wait a few more days before trying to escalate things.

Thanks, I hope it gets resolved too.

Update if anyone is interested:

The Australian re-seller wants me to pay return shipping to them, then wait for the whole debacle to be sorted out by TE. I imagine this will take well over a month before I get my fixed/replacement unit. I am going overseas in a few weeks and was planning to take it with me (that was one of the main reasons I decided on an OP-1).

What a joke. Out of pocket and without an OP-1 for that long. All because of a fault out of the box. Or, just deal with it and have a key that only works when pressed excessively hard. Then when the fault possibly gets worse, have them claim that it wasn’t faulty on delivery.

Just a warning to anyone thinking of buying an OP-1 on their policy, and to check with your reseller on their policy before buying.

Anyone with any advice?

wow, that totally sucks that they wouldn’t let you exchange it. Really hope this isn’t common in Australia as I’ll be living there in a year o.O

I told them I want a 1 for 1 replacement, but they just keep telling me to send it back and “we will work things out from there” and dodging saying that they will give me a replacement. I feel like their plan is to get it back, then just make me wait while they go through an RMA with TE. Hopefully they do send a replacement instead. But I’m not confident. Sigh… OP-1 why weren’t you born perfect :frowning:

can’t you return it. and buy it somewhere else?

So, basically, they are selling it without a warranty, because they want you to pay for the shipping. Do you have a consumer rights hotline or something? If you do, give them a call.

I called the consumer rights and they said that it’s my responsibility to pay return shipping unless the cost is “too high”. What does that even mean?Typical vague Australian law…

TBH I thought I would get a prepaid shipping label, and a no hassle replacement, and an apology. Instead they’re still not giving me a solid answer on a replacement. And I got a smart ass reply to my email asking for a proper answer, as well.

Would not purchase from these guys again. If they refuse replacement I will go for a refund. And buy it somewhere else like @dimi3 suggested. If they refuse that I will report it.

***Oh, their website is www.rhythmactive.com.au if anyone is thinking about buying from them - probably go through one of the other resellers instead.

Update on the situation:

Got an email 2 days ago saying I would have word on a replacement in 24 hours. Didn’t get any word. So I called up asking about it and get a very uncertain sounding “it will be sent out later this week” … I asked if it was definite, and why they couldn’t send it earlier? He said “you sound like you like to argue” then went on saying I could be waiting up to a month if i was dealing with the manufacturer . I said it’s his responsibility as a retailer to give a replacement and deal with the manufacturer, not mine that he can’t just make his own rules, and then he just said “I’m hanging up, bye bye”. It was ridiculous.

Never buy from these guys.

sounds kind of crazy…

fucking wow @TimBills. definitely wont be shopping there after i move.