Faulty key is on a hair trigger - any fixes?

Hey all, my “1 IN” key is malfunctioning. The lightest brush of a fingertip will trigger it, leading to a lot of frustration when using the blue knob.

I’ve pulled the key off, can see no damage, gave it some air spray, wiggled it around, shook it, etc.

No luck though. Someone else said that this happens when debris gets under the rubber dome, I was looking for a guide to remove the keyboard but it seems like, even 18 months after its release, the OP-1F has basically no documentation of the hardware.

Anyway, I bought it second hand so I’ll probably just send it back but wondering if there’s an easy fix. Thanks everyone!

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the process to remove the keyboard should be similar to the OG guide thats on ifixit

air spray might not be enough
u should try some electronics cleaner like a lil deoxit on the metal contacts

u gotta remove the rubber dome thing too so u can actually get to the place where the electrical contact is being made

if that dont work then yea u might have a bigger issue under the hood or something

u could also try to reseat the ribbon cable that connects to the keyboard

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How do you remove the dome? I’d love to do that but it seems pretty fully stuck on there.

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